3P-"ish" Memes

Note: Actually, it's not really "wrong" to seek happiness outside. It's just that you won't find it there.

Lian Brook-Tyler of www.bornhappy.com explains this meme as follows... * Our inner core is happiness, love, calm and wellbeing, that is our natural default state. * Our thoughts can be ANYTHING, e.g. sadness, anger, blame or gratitude, amusement or curiosity. * Our feelings are created by our thoughts, e.g. if you think a sad thought then you will feel sadness.

From www.bornhappy.com

From www.bornhappy.com

This meme compliments of Tony Arribas of www.healthwithin.com who posted it on Facebook.

julianne 14.07.2019 06:14

Awesome soul food.

Jonelle 06.08.2019 12:24


Karen 23.09.2016 04:03

WOW Girl! How cool are these! LOVE 'em! You are truly amazing! This website is stock filled with goodies. I haven't seen half of what you have to offer. Thanks

Jonelle 23.09.2016 05:36

Thanks Karen. I've got so much now, I'm starting to forget it all, so it's all starting to look new again! LOL! Either that or just old and forgetful. ๐Ÿ˜‰

April 06.09.2016 09:54

Lovely site

Jonelle 06.09.2016 17:01

Thank you April! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Judy 14.12.2015 12:15

I love good quotes, especially 3P ones. Great site!!

Jonelle 14.12.2015 19:01

Me too! And thank you! :)

chris 12.03.2015 23:18

I just want to say what a wonderful resource your site isโ˜บIt is full of wonderful quotes, stories, insights, info as well as humour
Thank you so much.

Jonelle 13.03.2015 04:18

You're very welcome Chris! And thanks for letting me know... It's mostly been just a lot of fun to do.

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