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The other day, I was right.

Actually, it happens a lot.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what you think, at first, you are always right, until at some point, you discover you are wrong?

Being right is ALWAYS what comes first... it's the go-to fish bowl of reality that every human being swims around in.

We immediately believe whatever we think... This is a tree. That's a cat. This situation is difficult. That person is lovely. Bell bottom pants were a huge mistake.

Being wrong is NEVER what comes first... it's only ever something we potentially consider or find out about LATER, and may or may not choose to accept.

Sometimes, it's sooooo immensely uncomfortable for our mind to accept that it might be wrong, that it instantaneously and proactively reasons, justifies, and defends why it's right.

Every... single... human... being... on the planet, lives this way.

The human habit is to be right first, to NOT be wrong, and to mostly not want to be wrong... until perhaps, the human being somehow begins noticing the fish bowl.

There's something significant in that, don't you think?

I wonder if I'm right?

With Love and Laughter,


Sep. 17, 2021


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